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Echo Electronics is an electronics and electromechanical assembly facility with broad experience in the manufacturing of PCB assemblies, harness/cable assemblies and custom power supplies for the Military, Commercial and Communication industries.  Echo Electronics is a Woman Owned Small Business.


Quality Control is involved in all planning and manufacturing operations in our facility.  In-process inspection is an intrinsic part of every assembly, with no product being released until all inspection phases, including final assembly and/or test, is complete.  We work closely with our customers so that, in essence, we become an extension of your production floor.  If we don't give you what you need, when you need it, we don't deserve your business.


Our build to print work can be accomplished using your material, or we can provide a completely turnkey operation for you wherein we would take responsibility for your entire material package.  When your assembly is complete, we can provide comprehensive testing to your specifications.



Wire Processing:

Marking, Cutting, Stripping and Tinning

Electrical Assembly:

Harnessing, Connector Assembly, Wire Lugging and Crimping, Soldering and Coil Winding

Electronic Assembly:

PC Board Layout, PC Board Assembly and Testing

Mechanical Assembly:

Chassis, Racks, Sub-Assemblies, Bonding and Potting


Echo Electronics, Inc. is a wire harness and wire preparation factory, we manufacture your wire needs.  With over 35 years of experience, we are knowledgeable and ready to take on your business.  Echo Electronics, Inc. strives to be a major contributor to your business.  We are dedicated in offering top notch quality, premier customer service, competitive pricing and prompt delivery.

In April 2016 Echo Electronics underwent changes to accommodate for the necessary needs for growth.  In order to maintain and increase high volumes of production and maintain a high quality, Echo has brought on experienced, trainable, and reliable individuals to the team to accomplish exactly that.  To help increase production, new machinery and workspaces have been added.  With the growing number of employees and tooling, a larger space and the move was vital in making the team efficient. 

The idea is to maximize productivity and create an easy and cost effective layout.  This will ensure product flow, build time, product reliability, and communication will all be optimized.  The space Echo Electronics acquired is a 4500 square foot facility with all the amenities needed to take on all types of electrical assembly based work including ESD sensitive builds.

Echo Electronics, Inc. can be the premier manufacturer of all your wiring needs.  Whether it is loose wire kits, harness/cable assemblies or mechanical assemblies.

‚ÄčEcho Electronics has not one, but two Eubanks wire hot stamping machines and two Eubanks wire stripping and cutting machines.  This means we have high capacity for processing wire. 

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